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Erickson writes a fictional account about Tatiana Romanov, the wonderful, enigmatic second girl of the past Czar of Russia that will get the audience on a thrilling experience through the Romanov's last days. Erickson simply combinations fiction into fact to create the Romanovs alive - and offering Tatiana, a forgotten girl, fresh breath. "The Tsarina's Child" is saturated in danger, turmoil, and small enjoy, which will keep the reader fascinated about Tatiana from starting to end.  

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A young Tatiana starts watching the glory days of the Romanovs fade into riots and unhappiness. The individuals in St. Petersburg are on strike. 1 day, she rides with a staff into the roads of St. Petersburg and considers precisely how bad the residing situations have been in the capital. She makes two extremely important friendship, Daria, a young child who has only provided delivery, but who's a "calm" innovative, and Constanin, a young medical practitioner who attempts to simply help the poor.

A German uncle, Aldabert, expresses curiosity about her, but Tatiana is also small to come back it. Since the halcyon days of the Romanovs melt into unrest and turmoil, Tatiana finds her mother is just a touch "unbalanced," and that Nanny Minnie is looking to get her mom to commit to one of Freud's sanitariums. Dad Gregory Rasputin also burrows his way in to the Tsarina's living, by keeping her child, Alexi, however Father Gregory proves to become a dark mark in the reputation of the ruling family. Besides family issues, Tatiana understands more about Daria and considers a passionate relationship with Constanin.

When Earth Conflict I visits, Tatiana, her mother, and Olga become nurses. While maintaining the ill, Tatiana meets a, handsome Georgian man, Jordan, who she easily loses her heart to. Following healing him, Tatiana and Michael become lovers. Then your inner revolution visitors Russia and the noble household is thrown in to exile. May Jordan save your self Tatiana and her family from damage?

Erickson's imaginary account immerses the reader into the world of the Romanovs, a world full of extremes that vary from splendor and wealth to abject poverty. The history moves rapidly, engaging the reader, and catches a rich portrayal of Tatiana, a girl that is not investigated around Anastasia. But, a genuine of portrait of Tatiana is not given. Her true wants and dislikes aren't explored. Her sisters'characterization suffers to allow her to shine as the main character. Erickson reminds the reader by the end this can be a fictional account, and it is. While many activities might have happened in this history, Erickson takes creative license, specially with portrayal, to share with her tale. Over all, "The Tsarina's Child," is really a solid, escapist read to some other time and position when the entire world was slightly younger and naïve.

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