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No matter how advanced you are in your link building career, there’s always room to take things to the next level.  So if you feel like you’re stuck in a blog commenting rut or you’ve hit an article submission wall, try out any of the following advanced link building techniques to improve your site’s performance

  1. Conduct competitive research – If you’re running out of ideas for link prospects, take a look at your competitors’ link profiles using tools like Majestic SEO or the Open Site Explorer to identify more options.
  2. Monitor backlinking partners ­– Most link building tools give you the opportunity to monitor the sites that are linking into your pages.  If you see changes in this list, contact former link partners to determine why your site was dropped and how to get the link reactivated.
  3. Build links to links ­– At Single Grain, we call this “linkception.”  Basically, the idea is that by building second and third-tier links to your primary backlinks, you’ll strengthen their impact on your site’s overall performance.

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