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Name: Bili
Age: 49
Sex: F, widow, 1d.
Occ: economist.
Add: Sweden

Chief c/o:

Ulcerative colitis.
1 yr ago: noticed blood in the stool.
Fresh blood.

Allergies, takes medications for that.

Thyroid: hypo.

Past h/o:

Family h/o:

Obst h/o: N

Personal h/o:
Thermals: Chilly
Thirst: thirsty.
App: N
Desires: water.
Urine: N
Stool: UC
Sleep: N


All the problems started when she was in peace with herself.

Takes responsibility.

Remedy: Aur.met 200 I dose.

19th Sept 2009
Allergies better and did not take any medications this time after 10 yr.
Stool better.
Will check her thyroid levels in one month.

21st Jan 2010
Is good.
Had some viral respiratory infections.
Eruptions on the skin with itching.
All the reports of thyroid and BS are WNL

11th May 2010
Pain in the bones.
All the levels of thyroid WNL
Blood sugar: changeable but not on medication.

UC: Stable.

Eruptions on the skin are going from above down.

6th Aug 2010

Blood in stool for 3 days.
?? hemorrhoids.

Was great at the sea side.

Blood sugar is lower but lipids have increased.

11th Dec 2010
No changes since last time.
Allergies: did not take any medication.

Had bleeding stools only 2 times: in July and Nov.

Feels a little exhausted.

Skin clear.

AUR.met 30 I dose.

16th March 2011

Generally well.

Stool: Reg


Doesn’t sleep well.

Skin: N

Headaches off and on.

15th June 2011

Generally better.

Headaches: lesser.

Hemorrhoids not currently.

UC stable.

Allergies: waiting for August.

6th Sept 2011

Is much better.

Had allergy but much milder.

No headaches, no hemorrhoids.

No bleeding stools. Decreased her allopathic medication and then her gastroenterologist stopped everything.

Conclusion: Today Bili eats and drinks whatever she wants and lives a perfectly healthy life without any medications.

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