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*Imperial Clinics
*Date of case: 21st / March / 2013
*Case submitted by: Mom


*Name: Andrew
*Age: in May will be 6 yr
*Sex: m
Marital status:
Position at job-
Number of jobs up to now-
Self employed/ Working for-
Educational background:
Address: Koste Nađa 64, Mirijevo, Beograd
*Contact no. 0641243403, 011/3431130
:Email id:
Skype name: br2nko
Reference By: dr Kasikovic


Aneurisms of the left and right coronary arteries.

Thrombus formation in aneurism.

Has the biggest aneurism in Serbia: 3 cm

KAWASAKI syndrome

Several times he had pain in chest that doctors characterized as anginal pain. In most cases there is no feeling of discomfort.



He suffered from Kawasaki disease, which is due to aneurysms. Before disease was referred to the viral infections that are sometimes treated with antibiotics at the request of the pediatrician or ENT specialist since complained of pain in the ear. After birth had a thick sufuzions on his cheeks which eventually disappeared, and there were tiny red pimples. Dermatologists have told us that he atopic type (without analysis) and that it is usual eczema. We anointed him peanut-based grease, which is alleviated redness. With age this problem gradually disappeared and now the red pimples occur only in the case of low immunity. Several times he had aphthae (ulcers) in oral cavity. Often, during the meal, complaining of abdominal pain, and requests to pause between bites.


Mother suffers from Hashimoto syndrome and hypothyroidism, the initial form of arthritis, increased cholesterol. Often there are aphtas in the mouth.
Father: eyelid ptosis and generally good health with a note that there is a problem to put on weight. In case of a low immune system often has herpes on his upper lip.
grandfather, on his father’s side, had a weaker stroke, which left no impact, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
grandmother, on his father’s side, has angina, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleeping problems.
grandfather, on his mother’s side, was suffering from a benign tumor in the lymph nodes of the abdomen. After the surgery is healed. After 5 years, was found liver cancer that ended fatally for a period of one month. He had problems with rheumatic pains.
grandmother, my mother’s side, who had hyperthyroidism is cured with medication. She had ovarian myoma. The surgery was performed because of the rapid growth of fibroids. High blood pressure, vertebral ossification.


Both are fine
Thin cover.

Few glasses of water per day

The left side is more sensitive. When his immunity is lower eyelid on the left eye is slightly lowered. Start of Kawasaki disease is marked by swelling of the lymph nodes on the left side of the neck (below the ear), where he still has small lumps.

*Energy or activity: n

*Appetite: N (slow metabolism)
Has a normal appetite. He prefers to eat small meals frequently. He has a problem with weight gain. He eats very slowly and since birth has expressed an urge to vomit
Likes: SALTY
He likes to eat tomato soup, ketchup, cabbage rolls, pickles and all salty.
Dislikes: He does not like sweet breakfast flakes, plasma and milk, but can eat it.
*Bowel: n
*Bladder: n
Perspiration: More on head and chest
*Sleep: n
Dreams: Few times had nightmares


Anything that you feel is strange about your Mind or Body?

Quite shy, extremely stubborn. Difficult make contact with strangers. In The hospital he refused contact with staff and ignored all the questions, not wanting to answer. He has a very high tolerance for pain for his age and mentally is very strong. There indented breastbone (the father also has). Has an unusual strong odor when sweats on the head (even after a bath has a distinctive scent, as is the case with my father). One long-term (one year) to the question of whom you love more ? dad or mom? He responded that he did not like dad because dad beat him (once father gently smacked him on ass because he refused to eat). After that, he kept repeating that his father is beating him, although it’s not true. He relented and said that he likes dad when father allowed him to play computer games and helped him in that.

HATRED, persons, who had offended him of (11)
2 aur, 1 calc, 1 mang, 1 merc, 2 nat-m, 1 neon, 1 nit-ac, 1 nux-v, 1 sep, 1 staph, 1 sulph

Extremely binds to humans. . More attached to the mother . Requires that mother do all ifor him (eg, his mom had to add a thing or to feed him, refuses to do someone else if she is present, etc..). Only to mother keeps telling that he loves her. Not have a real problem to be separated from parents (eg no problem going with grandma and spend week with her ). Not attached to material things and has no problem sharing things .
Speed: n
Speech type: n obs: has not uttered a word!
Disease: Lasting 18 months


Upset when his sister teases, when someone yells at him. React quite violently, by the destructive impact. If the parents are angry and raise voice, he retreats and boycott them with silence and that can last for long (often till parent released).
For example, when he is bathing, not tolerate slightly warmer water. He does not like injections (needle).

Cosmic: Likes to be in the sun.

Mental make-up

Persistent, mentally strong. Positive person. Possessive, very affectionate. Temperamental. Meticulous (eg when watching someone peel potatoes observes that need better peel and remove each point, when he bought a small crumbs from the floor and threw them).

Bright. He likes to play computer games and is coping very well on it. Can spend hours watching cartoons.

A sense of sharing and a fair (if anything we gives to him requires same thing for his sister).


Love is expressed by striking (particularly strikes his mother). When he is satisfied, he also likes to pound on the furniture. For his constitution is strong enough (tough) and has a “heavy hand”. If he wants to achieve something, he is able to be very persistent. Sucking thumb on his right hand , and left hand is on chest catches vest (mandatory ritual).

In March 2011. Andrej has been observed ear inflammation. He was treated with antibiotics Panklav forte. In June 2011. Andrej again complaining of pain in his ear and gets Panklav forte. The disease began as lymph node swelling behind left ear. The first diagnosis was ear infection (subsequently found that he hadn’t inflammation of the ear) and continued strong antibiotic treatment intravenously (longacef). After a couple of days getting diarrhea, inflammation of the lining of the mouth, eye, nose bleeding, after which he was admitted to the ENT Department, where he is also involved in a stronger antibiotic for gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.
next day was diagnosed with Kawasaki disease and we went on Immunology. He had very swollen hands, feet, and scrotum. They gave him intravenous immune globulin, of which he was better, but still had intermittent fever. They found that gall was extremely enlarged. They gave him steroids, but the temperature still occurred and they gave him back immunoglobulins, and after a few days, antibiotics and antifungal drugs, as was suspected on intrahospitls infections. After received treatment and these findings CRP doctors concluded resistant form of the disease, which is developing the giant aneurysms on the left and right coronary artery, which were full of tombs. As a result, Andrew had a mild heart attack, which has left a scar in the myocardium, however, the heart function was preserved. Thrombus tried to break altaplazom and heparin, but the withdrawal of thrombi occurred after prolonged use of sintrom. Received a pulse dose corticosteroids and drug Ramicade.
From then he is on anticoagulant therapy (aspirin, Sintrom) and beta blocker therapy (dilatrend). His cardiologist has repeatedly hinted that in the future we can expect a heart attack and due to specifics of his case, he can not be sure with prognosis, because he didin’t have case like this . doctors have told us that in most cases there is spontaneous remission aneurysms, which has not happened with Andrej yet


NM 200 I dose




4th July 2013
Is better.
Coagulation is better.
Blood was thinner for a while.
PT keeps changing.

8th Oct 2013
Generally stable.
Is very introverted.

13th March 2014
Is better.
Less nausea while eating.
Anneurism is smaller. USG and MRI done.

Conclusion: Today Andrew lives a perfectly healthy life without any medications.

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