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Date: 12th March 2011
Name: Natasha
Age: 6 yr
Sex: f
Occ: KG
Add: Moscow

Chief c/o:


Past h/o:

Family h/o:
Grave’s disease in mother.
Grand mother also has thyroid problems.
DM on father’s side.

Obst h/o: FTND

Personal h/o:
Thermals: Chilly (inspite of hyperthyroid)
Thirst: less.
App: N, very choosy.
Desires: sweets.
Urine: N
Stool: N
Sleep: N, goes to parents bedroom.


Sensitive, hyperactive.

Very organized.
Loves animals.
Has a rabbit, parrot, fish.

Remedy: ARS.IOD 200 I dose.

14th March 2011

Pulse has decreased.

Is fastidious, likes sweets.

Now mom says she is HOT.

Hyper active all the time.

Now wearing glasses.

5th Sept 2011

Generally much better.

Thyroid investigations are Normal

Allopathic drugs decreased by 25%

9th Dec 2011

Immunity is better.

7th April 2012


Is fine.

All symptoms >>

Dermographism +

Immunity >> much better.

6th Aug 2012


All results better.

10th Dec 2012

Now a little nervous.

Results >>>

1st July 2013

Has been excellent.

Had some pain in chest.

Thyroid reports WNL

Pulse N

Doesn’t have pets now.

4th July 2014

Is great.
Mentally is nervous.
Argues with her elder sister.
Reports WNL

Immunity >>>

Last remedy was 3 yr ago.

16th Feb 2015

Is very good.

All thyroid reports are very good.
Wt and height is perfect.

Not taking any allopathic remedies at all.

Small eruptions on skin with a bit of itching +

Conclusion: Today Natasha lives a completely normal life in Moscow and is cured of her Hyperthyroidism!

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