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5 Quick Tips on Staying at a Small Hotel in Rome

The beautiful city of Rome, or the Eternal City as it is more lovingly called, is one of the most important tourist destinations in Europe. As Rome is home to many of the world's most famous sights, such as the Coliseum, Trevi Fountain and St. Peter's Basilica, we can easily understand why it is so popular.

To support this, Rome's tourist sector provides all types of accommodation, in order to cater for the wide range of travellers that visit the city; from the small 'affiticamere' (an Italian type of guest house ) to the larger luxury chains. The following five tips have been compiled to provide you with some useful and important information about staying at a hotel in Rome, especially the smaller ones:

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1) Check-In: It is important to remember that all adult guests must show formal identification ( e. g. passport) on checking in, a credit card will not be sufficient! And usually the ID will also be photocopied. This is a standard procedure in Italy, as the local police ask for a list of occupants on a regular basis.

2) Late Check-In: If you expect to arrive late at your hotel, you should check before booking that the reception will be open to receive you. If the reception is not open 24 hours, then you will usually have to inform the hotel in advance of your late arrival and arrange a time to check in. However, please note that some establishments will charge an additional fee for an out of hours check-in.

3) Cash Payment Only: Although you may have reserved your room using a credit card, it does not necessarily mean that you can pay by credit card . The booking agency will normal guarantee your room with your credit card , but the hotel may only accept payment in cash. This is less common nowadays, but is still often the case if the room was sold to you at a reduced rate.

4) Italian Breakfast: Although many of the larger hotels and higher category establishments will offer a standard continental breakfast (choice of cold meats, cereals, toast, hot beverages, etc), many of the smaller ones will offer what is called an 'Italian breakfast', which comprises of some type of croissant, coffee or cappuccino and perhaps a fruit juice. In fact, if there is no breakfast room, some places will just provide a breakfast basket for consuming in your guest room , or they might provide you with a token to use at the nearest café.

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