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There are a large number of reasons to choose Maui for your next vacation destination. It could be to savor its 30 plus world-class beaches, experience its breath-taking vistas including incredible sunrises and sunsets, locate a tropical paradise, or even to just relax and get off it all. Section of Maui's lure is so it offers such a wide variety of activities, many family-oriented. Below I've summarized 21 exciting Maui activities available to its visitors in no particular order.

1. Sunrise at Haleakala Crater. There's only one way to begin to see the sunrise and that's at Haleakala Crater in Maui. It's an experience that's truly difficult to explain due to its stunning beauty. You begin to sense the magnitude of it when you view a photograph, but it's something which you've to experience to actually appreciate.

2. Biking Down Haleakala.  Maui family photographers We've seen two wonderful sunrises at Haleakala on two separate trips to Maui. Both times we drove (up and) back our rental vehicles. Unfortunately, biking down Haleakala has never managed to get into our agenda. So we've now officially added it to our Maui Activities Wish List.

3. The Road to Hana. The drive on the Road to Hana is an experience of a lifetime. On the way with this 60 mile winding trek you might find a number of the world's most beautiful rain forests, water falls, and enjoy some of the very gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean.

4. The Seven Sacred Pools (formally called Ohea Gulch). Everyone who takes the Road to Hana ends up at the Seven Sacred Pools. Waterfalls connect each pool, and the past pool's waterfall empties into the Pacific Ocean. Legend has it that swimming in each pool (in order from anyone to seven) brings the swimmer good luck.

5. Snorkeling in Maui. Change your view of the island to an underwater perspective by snorkeling in Maui. You will find countless places to snorkel here with amazing views of marine life of kinds.

6. Sugar Cane Train. In the event that you (or your kids) love trains this inexpensive Maui activity is a must! Circling from Lahaina to Puukolii and back, a trip on the Sugar Cane Train will highlight all the wonder of Maui from the coach car of an unforgettable real working historic steam engine. The conductor is more than knowledgeable. He's practically a one man show detailed with ukulele and musical repertoire!

7. Maui Ocean Center. This is a good day activity to do with your kids. The Maui Ocean Center offers many hands-on activities which our kids loved. The three-acre marine park hosts more than 60 interactive exhibits, an outdoor central courtyard, two restaurants and the Maui Ocean Center Store.

8. Sightseeing on Front Street. A shopper's paradise! Quaint shops, restaurants and historical spots line Front Street in "Old Lahaina." Our favorite discovery was the Bubba Gump's Shrimp Shop and Restaurant.

9. Sandcastle Contest Day. An activity everyone can participate in is really a Sandcastle Contest Day on Kaanapali Beach. Our kids have a baseball building tunnels and mountains and the adults take the challenge very seriously!

10. Horseback Riding. You do not have to be always a cowboy to enjoy some of the finest horse riding you'll ever experience. You're in Maui - which means you are riding in the some of the very most beautiful countryside as possible imagine. Our ride took us through pineapple fields and a rainforest.

11. Parasailing. When you can handle being an individual kite and benefit from the silence and peacefulness of gliding 500 feet above the ocean (except for the whisper of a mild breeze), parasailing is just a must-do Maui activity for you.

12. Scuba Diving. If you are searching for an experience of an eternity and you want to experience a part of Maui many individuals miss, Maui Scuba Diving is the best way to go. It is not uncommon, on a Maui scuba diving experience, to possess water visibility around 100 feet, and it may also be a lot better than 150 feet!

13. Golfing. Whether you're the casual golfer that hits the links 3 or 4 times annually or the avid golfer that never misses a weekend, you only won't be disappointed together with your morning (or afternoon) of Maui golf. There are over 180 courses in Maui to choose from -- besides the truth that you will end up playing in arguably one of the most scenic places in the world.

14. Helicopter Tours. Several companies offer many different Maui helicopter tours that can include viewing some or all of the following: the West Maui Mountains, the island of Molokai (just west of Maui), waterfalls and beaches of East Maui including the Seven Sacred Pools and Haleakala Crater. A bird's eye view of Maui is nothing less than spectacular.

15. ATV/Quad Tours. Not only can you hike parts of Haleakala Crater, you can even now take an ATV/quad tour with this scenic place.

16. Submarine Adventures. If you do not prefer to scuba dive, there isn't to miss the wonder of Maui's oceanscape and marine life if you are in a submarine with a view.

17. Jet Skiing. When you yourself have enjoyed jet skiing elsewhere, just add Maui's unsurpassed beauty to the thrill of the ride and you start to get an idea of how fun it should be to jet ski in Maui.

18. Kayaking. That is an activity that is not merely green but may also give you a good cardio workout.

19. Jeep Tour. Rent a jeep or other four wheel drive vehicle for a satisfying excursion around the southern and western end of Maui. Most visitors to Maui don't take advantage of this scenic tour. You will see two of the most up-to-date Haleakala lava flows that reached the ocean, dating back less than 500 years to 800 years old.

20. Cave Exploration. Explore some of the world's largest lava tubes.

21. Surfing on Maui's North Shore. Surf enthusiasts from all over come here to ride some of the biggest waves in the world.

This is certainly not a complete set of Maui activities, but it should offer you advisable why Maui is now our number one vacation destination.

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